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Online Banking FAQs


Bank With Ease by Taking Advantage of Our Online Banking Services

Use your computer to view account balances, complete transactions, and pay bills with our Bill Pay service.

You can set up recurring payments and reminders, make one-time payments, and view pending payments and your transaction history.

Account Access / Security

How secure is Online / Mobile Banking?
Very secure. Georgia Heritage FCU uses state-of-the-art network security to ensure the protection of your account information.
Why can't I log in successfully?
You may have entered an invalid username/password. You may also be locked out as a security precaution. As a security feature, if you attempt to log in unsuccessfully multiple times, online/mobile access will be denied for your protection. If you are having problems logging in, please contact our Call Center during normal business hours at 912-236-4400.
What if I forgot my password?
You can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.
What if my account information is not correct or does not appear on the screen?
Please contact our Call Center at 912-236-4400 during normal business hours for help troubleshooting.
Can the joint owner on my account use Online / Mobile Banking?
Yes, joint owners can access the account in the same way that you access it. Each account owner should create and use his/her own unique username/password to log in. It is not recommended to share the same login credentials with other account owners.
Are there any limits on how many times a day I can login to Online/Mobile Banking?
There are no limits on how often you can use Online/Mobile Banking. Visit as often as you like.

General Functionality

What do I need in order to begin using Online / Mobile Banking?
To access your account you will need the following: any device that can access the Internet, an Internet service provider, an Internet browser, a personal email address, and your Georgia Heritage FCU account number. For mobile access, download the GHFCU app.
How much does Online / Mobile Banking cost?
Online/Mobile Banking are FREE services.
Do I need to enroll?
Yes. You will need to enroll by selecting the “New User” link on our website home page or by selecting “Enroll” from our mobile app home page. You will be prompted to enter your account number and some personal information, create a username and password, and agree to our Terms and Conditions before clicking “submit”.
Do I need any special software?
No. You just need the software you would use to access the Internet. For mobile access, download the GHFCU app.
Can I use Online / Mobile Banking from any location?
Yes, as long as you have access to the Internet, you may use Online/Mobile Banking from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If I make a transfer between my Georgia Heritage FCU accounts, how soon are my funds transferred?
Online/Mobile Banking operates in real-time, so internal GHFCU transactions are posted to your GHFCU accounts immediately.
How do I request a one-time transfer to any GHFCU member in Online / Mobile Banking?
Existing GHFCU members who are not associated with your account can be added as a “Member Recipient” for transfers into their account(s). You must have their full name, account number, and that share/loan ID for setup purposes. Once the member recipient has been set up successfully as a “Saved Recipient”, they will appear in your “To Account” list as a choice for a one-time (immediate) transfer request. The member recipient(s) can be edited or deleted at any time by visiting the “Member Recipient” section. Future scheduled transfers or recurring transfers to other GHFCU members are not supported at this time.
Are there limits on the number of transfers I can make?
There are no limits as long as you have the covering funds.

Mobile Banking

Why is GHFCU mobile app not working correctly?
Always make sure you are using the most updated version of our app. Check for any pending updates and download as soon as possible. Using the most updated version will deliver the best user experience.


What is the purpose of the Alerts feature?
Alerts are designed to help you monitor your accounts/loans and alert you when specific transactions or actions take place.
What do I need to do to begin using the Alerts feature?
Simply select the “More” option inside Online Banking, and then select “Alerts” to begin.
Is there a fee for using the Alerts feature?
No, the alerts feature via Online Banking is a free service. No additional enrollment is needed.
What type of alerts are available?

There are several alert types, such as:

  • Balance greater or less than (specify)
  • Deposit greater than (specify)
  • Loan payment due in (specify)
  • Loan payment posted
How do I set up a new alert?
Select the “More” option inside Online Banking and mobile app, and then select “Alerts” and “Add Alert”. From the drop-down list of accounts, choose the account/loan the alert should apply to and then choose the alert type you wish to use. Each alert type will require additional information to be entered. Once complete, select “Create Alert” to save the alert.

Message Center

What is the Message Center?
The Message Center is an area inside Online/Mobile banking where you can send/receive messages to/from our Member Services team.

NOTE: Please do not send personal information such as account/member numbers, SSN, DOB, etc.

Bill Pay

What is Bill Pay?
Bill Pay allows you to pay bills or make other payments from your GHFCU checking account using the Internet from Online/Mobile Banking. Payments can be scheduled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
What does Bill Pay cost?
Bill Pay is a free service.
How do I access Bill Pay?
Log into Online Banking from the Georgia Heritage FCU website home page at www.gaheritagefcu.org or to Mobile Banking through the GHFCU mobile app. Once you have logged in, select “My Finance” and then select “Bill Pay” to continue.
What do I need to use Bill Pay?
You can make Bill Pay payments using your Georgia Heritage checking account. You will also need Internet access and a browser that meets our minimum requirements. We support the two latest versions of all major internet browsers. (For mobile access to Bill Pay, download the GHFCU app.)
How do I enroll?
It’s easy, log into Online/Mobile Banking and select “Bill Pay”. The first time you choose this option, an enrollment screen will be displayed. After you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Online Bill Pay Agreement, you can select a default Bill Pay account and start adding payees/making payments immediately.
I've enrolled in Bill Pay. What do I do now?
You must add payees before you can schedule payments. To add payees select “Add” from the Payee tile section and enter the required payee info through the process and select “Okay” to add. When setting up your payees, use information from your most recent bill to avoid processing delays. Delays are often caused by an old or incorrect account number or an incorrect mailing address. Once you’ve added the payee(s), you can begin scheduling payments.
How do I schedule payments?

Once you have set up payees, select “Pay Bills” from the Bill Pay sub-menu and choose the payee, verify the default bill pay “from” account is correct, choose the date payment should be made, enter the payment amount, and payment frequency (one-time or recurring). Scheduling payments can also be handled using the “Quick Pay” tile and selecting the Payee you wish to pay.

How do I edit a payee?
To edit a payee online, expand the payee from the Payee tile; to edit a payee in the mobile app, select “Manage Payees” from the Bill Pay Dashboard sub-menu and expand the payee tile. Once the payee tile is expanded make necessary changes to the payee record and then select “Update” to save changes. (Make sure your edits reflect the most current payee billing statement). Keep in mind that adding information that is not within the Payee’s billing statement could default electronic payments to the paper check method.
Do I have the option to customize my view of payees (nicknames)?
Yes, you can nickname your payees. Nicknames (if used) will appear inside (parentheses) along with the Payee Name.
How can Bill Pay organize my payees?
Grouping payees may help you more easily navigate a long payee list, hide infrequently-used payees, or even with household budgeting by establishing first-half and second-half-of-month payee groups. To start adding groups select the following links from the Bill Pay Dashboard: Online > select the “Groups” link; Mobile App > ”Add Groups” link.
Can I schedule bill payments from my Georgia Heritage FCU Credit / Debit Card, Personal Line of Credit or Savings account?
No, bills can only be paid using a draft account, like your GHFCU checking or money market account.
When is my account debited?
For electronic payees (paid via ACH), your account will be debited as soon as possible. For check payees (paid via paper check) your account is debited when the bill paycheck is presented for payment by the payee and will post as a regular cleared draft item.
How long does it take for Bill Pay payments to be processed?
Georgia Heritage FCU recommends that you schedule your payments a minimum of seven (7) business days before the due date for check payments and three (3) business days for electronic payments. Depending on the payee, payments may be sent electronically or via U.S. Mail, but even electronic payments need at least three (3) business days to be processed.
How can I view my bill payment activity and payments statuses?
To view payment activity/current status, select “Payment Activity” from the Bill Pay Dashboard using Online/Mobile banking Bill Pay. Choose the date range and then any specific filter options if desired. Detailed information will appear for each payee that had payment activity during the date range that was selected. A “Scheduled Payments” tile also appears to display any payments currently scheduled. The “Payment Activity” list can also be printed or exported into an excel CSV file (using online option-not mobile).
How are check or electronic payees differentiated?
Throughout the Bill Pay system an icon will be displayed beside each payee that signifies how payments will be processed for that payee. An envelope image represents a paper check payment method; whereas a lightning bolt represents an electronic payment (ACH) method.
Can I add a memo on payments?
Yes, you can add a memo/note on Bill Pay payments. If it is a check payment, the memo will be printed on the check and stored with the payment in the payment history. For electronic payments, the note will be stored with the payment in the payment history (but cannot be sent with the payment).
Can I view an image of a cleared Bill Pay check payment online?
Yes, but not through the Bill Pay area. Check payments for paper check payees clear like a regular draft from your designated Bill Pay account. These would be visible by viewing the payment account’s transaction history inside the “Accounts” section of Online/Mobile banking. Clicking on the check image icon would allow you to view the front/back image of the item.
Can I use personal finance software such as Quicken to schedule bill payments?
No. Personal finance software integration is not available through Bill Pay at this time.
How can I modify, cancel, or delete a payment?

You have the ability to modify, cancel, or delete a payment: as long as the item is in a pending status. Once the payment passes that stage, no changes can be made. Check payments that are processed can usually be “stopped” as long as the item has not cleared the payment account, although we do not guarantee we can stop the payment. To place a stop on a Bill Pay check payment, contact our Call Center at 912-236-4400. Fees may apply to stop a check payment that was already processed and mailed.

What are the options for setting up recurring payment frequencies?
Default recurring payment frequencies are: Weekly, monthly, every 2 weeks, twice a month, every 4 weeks, every 2 months, quarterly, every 4 months, twice a year, and once a year. These can be started on any day of the month.
Why are there different dates shown for the payments?

Bill Pay displays both the “send date” and the “estimated delivery date” for each payment to help you understand when your payment was sent and when the payee is expected to receive the payment.

Do I have the ability to track the status of a payment?
Bill Pay tracks payments through each step in the process and displays that information to the member and to the credit union.
Does Bill Pay keep records of all my payments?
GHFCU’s Bill Pay system does keep historical records of Bill Pay items that can be filtered, sorted, and researched by the member. This information can be found in the “Payment Activity” section.
What if a payment is returned by the payee? How would I be informed?
If a payment is returned for any reason, Bill Pay automatically returns the funds to your account and will issue a notification email informing you of the return and the reason for the return.


Does Bill Pay offer eBills?
No, GHFCU’s Bill Pay service does not offer eBill options with third-party billers at this time.

Account to Account (A2A) External Transfer Service

(Performs transfers to and from other financial institutions)
How can I use the Account to Account (A2A) Service?
This option can be found in the Bill Pay section after logging in to Online/Mobile banking. Once in the Bill Pay Dashboard section, choose “Transfer/Send Money” to find the External Accounts tile. Click “Add” to start the process for adding an external account.
How long does it take to set up an external account?
Once the member adds in their external account information (account number & routing number) it will need to be verified. This is typically a two-business-day process.
Are there penny transfers / micro-deposits that need to be verified?
Yes, after the external account information has been submitted the member will need to retrieve the micro-deposit amounts from their external account and enter them into the external account verification area. Once that step is completed an external transfer can be initiated.
Do you have any insight as to the timing of A2A transfer?
Once the external transfer account has been established, an outgoing A2A transfer takes two business days and an incoming A2A transfer takes three business days once it is processed.
Once the account is set up, how long does it take to deposit the account at our institution?
The account at the originating financial institution will be debited the night the external transfer is scheduled as long as it is a business day for processing and the funds are available in that account.
How long does it take for the funds to reach the account at the remote institution?
Two business days.

Person to Person (P2P) Send Money Service

(Allows transfers to be sent from GHFCU to any person by using that person’s email address or mobile phone number)
How can I use the Person to Person (P2P) Service to send money to others?
This option can be found in the Bill Pay section after logging in to Online/Mobile banking. Once in the Bill Pay Dashboard section, choose “Transfer/Send Money” to find the “People” tile. Click “Add” to start the process for adding the recipient and their email or mobile number.
How quickly does the recipient receive the confirmation?
The Recipient’s P2P email or text is sent immediately once the Member initiates the P2P transfer.
Can I store recipients in my Online / Mobile banking to use again later?
Yes, previous Recipients will be available for repeat use.
Does the money stay on hold until the Recipient accepts the money?
No, the funds stay available in the Member’s account until the Recipient accepts the P2P transaction. The P2P will then be processed through the account in the next payment processing file at 5 pm EST. (Once the P2P has been processed successfully, the Recipient will receive the P2P within 1-2 business days.)
How long does the recipient have to accept the money?
The Recipient has 10 calendar days to accept the P2P before it is canceled. (The member would need to set up another P2P for the Recipient once canceled.)
What type of notifications are generated?
There are many different types of notifications that could be generated throughout the P2P process.
Does the recipient get reminder notifications after a certain number of days?
Yes, the Recipient receives a reminder notification by either email or text at the 5-calendar day mark if the recipient has not accepted the P2P yet.
Can the member cancel the P2P transaction?
Yes, the Member can cancel the P2P as long as the Recipient has not accepted it yet.
What if the recipients enters the wrong account numbers?
If the Recipient entered an incorrect account number, the P2P will fail. The funds are returned to the Member’s account. (This will take 3-4 business days to be returned to the Member’s account once sent back from the receiving Financial Institution.) If the Recipient inadvertently entered an account number that is correct but not owned by the recipient, the Recipient will need to reach out to their financial institution to research the transaction for them.
What if the recipients enter the wrong password? Will it lock them out after a certain number of attempts?
Yes, if the Recipient enters the wrong answer to the security question or email address/mobile number three times the P2P is locked out and canceled. (The member would need to set up another P2P for the Recipient.)
Once accepted, how long does it take to clear the account?
Once the Recipient accepts their P2P transaction, the P2P will then be processed in the next payment processing file. (Once the P2P has been processed successfully, the Recipient will receive the P2P within 1-2 business days.)
What phone number does the text message come from?
The P2P text message comes from 855-943-1779.
What email address does the email notification come from?
The P2P email comes from no-reply@payveris.com.
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