There have been recent instances of fraudsters impersonating our fraud services department in an attempt to gain access to sensitive account information for the purpose of accessing members’ accounts. When doing so, the fraudster’s call may display the credit union’s phone number. Do not give out your account information including account history, email, phone number(s) without positively knowing who you are speaking to. When in doubt, HANG UP, and DIAL the Credit Union directly at 912-236-4400.
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Did You Receive a Letter Requesting a Current Copy of Your Insurance?

One of the requirements of the Loan Agreement you signed with Georgia Heritage FCU is to provide comprehensive and collision coverage, homeowner’s insurance coverage, or flood insurance coverage protecting Georgia Heritage FCU’s interest for the full term of your loan. You are responsible for notifying Georgia Heritage FCU that you have this required insurance.

If You Have Insurance

Before you begin, you will need your insurance declaration page and notice from Georgia Heritage FCU.

Then, follow the links below for Vehicle (including Autos, Motorcycles, Boats, Tractors, & Campers/RVs) or Property Insurance Verification Forms and provide us with your data. We will contact your insurance agent to verify that the information on the form is correct.

If You Do Not Have Insurance

Please contact an insurance agency or company of your choice and purchase the appropriate coverage and list Georgia Heritage FCU as the lienholder or mortgagee.

If you do not obtain your own insurance, your signed Loan Agreement allows Georgia Heritage FCU to purchase insurance to protect our interest in your collateral and add the premium for the purchased insurance to your loan balance. It also allows Georgia Heritage FCU to increase your payments to cover the cost.

The insurance purchased by Georgia Heritage FCU usually costs considerably more than the cost of insurance you may be able to obtain on your own, and only protects Georgia Heritage FCU’s interest in your collateral. It will not provide any bodily injury or property damage liability coverage, nor meet any financial responsibility or no-fault laws. The insurance will not provide medical insurance, uninsured motorist, or underinsured motorist coverage.

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