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Easy Ways College Students may Save Money

Sep 24, 2019

College students may save money with several simple changes.

With the fall 2019 college season underway, many students may be wondering how they can manage expenses this year. With the cost of classes, textbooks, online programs, clothing, food, transportation, entertainment, and more, the college experience can be overwhelming. College students may save money in many simple ways, and it doesn’t even mean they have to forego enjoying the college experience.

If you don’t want to completely eliminate unnecessary expenses, simply cutting down a little can take you a long way during your college years.

How College Students May Save Money

Whether living in their own home, a dorm on campus, or with their parents, college students may save money with the following tips:

1. Limit car usage.

We’re not saying you have to give up your car completely, but if you can walk, walk. If you can ride with a friend, ride with a friend. Consider buying a bike. Every unnecessary vehicle ride means money wasted on gasoline, miles, and wear-and-tear on the car, not to mention an increase in your carbon footprint on the environment.

2. Make your own coffee sometimes.

Studying at the local coffee shop is a part of the college experience, but you don’t have to do it every time. Consider studying at the library, at home, or at a public park. Bring your own drink from home.

If you need a cup of coffee to get yourself going in the morning, buy a coffeemaker and make that cup before you head out for the day.

You may be amazed at how much money (and calories) you may save by reducing the number of drinks you buy.

3. Cut down on food and drink expenses.

Food and drink is one of the biggest monthly expenses for virtually anyone, college student or not. Fortunately, it also provides many options for saving money. Here are just a few thoughts:

  • Order water with your meal rather than a pricier beverage. Let’s say the average drink is $2.50, and you order three per day. Switching to water can save you more than $200 per month alone!
  • Cook at home. You’ll likely make enough to last you two or three days.
  • Make the freezer your friend. Learn how to safely pack away foods so that you don’t have to throw food away.
  • Download as many food-related money-saving apps as you can, such as Groupon and Food Coupons. A multitude of deals, coupons, and special incentives can be found.
4. Avoid buying new textbooks.

Opt for the used textbooks to save money.  You may also be able to borrow the book from someone who took the same class, and there are several options for buying books in digital form.

5. Look for discounts for equipment.

If you need to buy a new laptop or make any other significant purchase, take time to research options for student discounts.

Ask a Credit Union Associate for Additional Tips

These are only a handful of ways college students may save money. Other methods of saving money include obtaining an ideal credit card and using it responsibly, opening savings accounts with excellent options, and more. Speak with a Georgia Heritage credit union associate today for additional pointers.

Speak with a Georgia Heritage Federal Credit Union associate for more money-saving tips.

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